Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fly TImes on the Mac with Friend of the Fly: Video

The Friend of the Fly team recently hit the scenic McKenzie River of Oregon in search of line pulling trout. We are happy to report that the fish were definitely on the bite! Most of our success came during the morning and early afternoon hours, in low and fast waters. Even though we picked up a few fish on dry flies, the top fishing tactic was tight-lining using a two nymph system. In fact, we could not keep the sized #14 and #16 Prince Nymph jigs out of the fishes' mouth! Props to GMan for putting this little video together of the trip!

Monday, June 13, 2016

GMan Shuts Down the Deschutes

The Friend of the Fly recently sent GMan off with a package of freshly tied flies along with a mission to seek out large Rainbow trout on the world re-known Deschutes River in Oregon. A report back to the FOTF base indicates that GMan satisfied and even exceeded the mission goals! Well done GMan!

Good Grip!

...and another.

Whoah! Easy now!

GMan indicated that the weather was perfect, with an air temp of 70 degrees, partly cloudy skies and a light wind. His tactics used were based on a local river hatch of large Salmon Flies, although a number of Golden Stoneflies were spotted too. Flies used included a large Fat Albert, Clarks Stonefly, Kaufmans Stonefly in black with tungsten bead and the "Magic Fly" which is reserved for a few of FOTF's friends and customers. A majority of fish were taken close to the bank, near brush and trees.

Beautiful Deschutes River

In final, a recommendation has been made that GMan seek out physical therapy to heal the arm and wrist strain caused by a long day of hauling in large fish.  Oh...and by the way, I hope that was a beer bottle he found in the ditch, because there's no drinking on the job!  Best Fishing ~D2

Ah yes! Beer and Humping Stonefiles!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Expanding on your Euro Nymphing Technique

More and more fly fisherman are discovering the benefits of the European Nymphing style of fly fishing. However, one major misconception is that all flies used in a Euro Nymphing system should be heavily weighted; hence the fisherman should be constantly in contact with the bottom. Remember that your success on the water is largely hinged on good presentation of your flies, no matter if the fish is taking 2/3 of its food subsurface or not. 

Here's a great video clip of Steve Parrott fishing a long line Euro Nymph Technique with a heavy point fly and a small emerger pattern on the dropper tag. Notice how Steve drops and lowers the rod to imitate rising Blue Wing Olive mayflies - a perfect example of how presentation is key and how it can foster great results. Regards ~ D2