Monday, May 16, 2016

Small Stream Fishing on a Rainy May Day 2016

Double D Surveying

The trout fishing in the Willamette Valley is certainly picking up, due to warmer air and water temps across the region. Fortunately, I did not let the recent rains dampen my fishing as I set out on a small stream excursion. As most of the local mountain snow pack has nearly diminished, I suspected that less cold water in the river system would only help magnify the fish activity with the help of some warm rain.

I was on track! The fish were alive, moving and fast to my fly. As common, with most small streams, I found a majority of the action at riffles and plunge pools. Late morning and early  nymph fishing was productive with the help of small tungsten beaded pheasant tail and prince nymph jigs. Later on, fish rose to the surface to munch on a small blizzard of mayflies. For some reason, they preferred a dragged size 18 olive Parachute Adams, which brought numerous fish to the net, including a 16 in. cutt-throat.

16 inch'er
Best of Luck! D2