Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oregon Spring Fly Fishing 2016

Deep in the Pacific Northwest, my skin is finally beginning to dry from the long damp winter. Anyone west of the Oregon Cascade range can probably relate to the seemingly like phenomena; that somewhat abnormal torch in the sky that seems to uplift our spirits. My winter dreams of spring warmth, blue skies, bluish green waters, and lively trout finally came true in the second week of April when G-Man accompanied me on a float down a majestic stretch of Oregon water.

Double D on the Rocks

The trip began with with some near bank wading that brought several fish to the net, including a white fish, some average size rainbows and a decent sized cutthroat that put up a respectful fight. I was very surprised that the fish were holding in very low and fast water. Similar to us, these fish seemed to appreciate the penetrable rays of the warming sun as colder river temps were driven by melted mountain snow.

D's Cutt

G-Man Cradles One to Sleep
As the day progressed, good size afternoon hatches of March Browns and Green Sedges appeared without any trout rising. As a result, any thought of casting a dry fly was soon abandoned.

The importance of getting the fly on the bottom became apparent after our flies were ignored when they hovered the rocky bottom and its somewhat picky inhabitants. As a result, high sticking and indicator tactics were effective methods.

"Double" Lobbin'

Large heavy Hares Ear Nymphs worked the best! A Tungsten HaresEar Soft Hackle Jig in size 10 earned the fly of the day and managed to temp a nice big Bow to slide into G-Mans larger than life net! The fly is versatile, in that it brings results on both the dead drift and the swing. Get out and enjoy some spring fishing! 

Congrats G-Man!