Monday, January 4, 2016

A Fly Fisherman's Resolution

Let's be honest, most fly fisherman are a bit self-centered when it comes to a New Year resolution. For example, any non-fly fishing, standard smoe may take a holistic approach and suggest the ever popular "world peace"or perhaps take an oath "to be nicer'' to one's fellow man and woman. Conversely, a fly fisherman's resolution usually involves some sort of self-gratification when it comes to their favorite sport. Here are a few resolutions that may have already been set in some of our fly fishing minds and writ in stone for the 2016 fly fishing season.

To Fish some Finer Waters

You're tired of fishing that sewage repository you've called your home waters for more than 5 years. You pledge to splurge on a trip to fish trout in pristine mountain waters of the Western U.S. or fish for bonefish in mesmerizing blue Caribbean water.

Clear McKenzie River of Oregon

To Take up Fly Tying to Save Money$$

Ha! Good luck with that!

To Fly Fish More

Your fed up with the long nights at the office. You catch yourself too many times waving at your lucky-to-go drift boating neighbor, while staring down nonchalantly at your honey-do-list. Is it selfish that you want some quality time with your rod and reel? This is the year to fish more, for a healthier well-being!

To Succumb to the Egg Fly
D's Lifter

You've known it work's and is easy to tie, but just the thought of casting a marble size ball of yarn felt so impure! This is the year that you "let down your net", free yourself of the purist chains and catch bountiful egg loving fish!

To Catch more Fish than Trees

You've been known by your friends to spend more time de-limbing trees along the banks than keeping your fly in "the zone". Your rod swiping habits and choice of words would might have gotten you the leading role in Happy Gilmore. Consequently, you've been working on that roll cast and perfecting that steeple cast. This is the year to leave the slivers and bramble behind!

 To Cast Tight Loops rather Tight Knots

Your casts have been know to mimic the movements and sounds of a lion tamer. You can't figure out why your leader keeps knotting and there's zero to no wind. Bring in the year with minimal wrist movement and a rod tip that moves in a straight line path. Cheers to a wind knot free year!

To Finally Meet April Vokey

You've watched all the videos of her artful and colorful display of Steelhead flies. And don't forget all those unbelievable gigantic fish cradling photos, all in her majesty! You and your fly fishing friends make light of the notion of meeting the queen, while gathered around the card table, rockin' it to Dick Clark's  New Year's Rockin' Eve. With all fairness, only one of you, can have the pleasure. However, let it be known: She's Married!

April Vokey Pic from Gone Fishin Web site
Final Deep Thoughts

So are we really selfish or self righteous for wishing for new year greatness in one of the most gratifying forms of recreation on the planet?  I can only opine that as fly fisherman wish for better, we ultimately become closer to the sport, which provides us solace and gives us a break from life's drag. On our conquest to find the next big thing, whether it be a fish or a stream, we become closer with nature, closer with God: we improve our overall well-being, and we improve the connection with our friends and family.

I'm no April Vokey, but at least I nailed my 2015 resolution! To big bows' ~ D2