Monday, December 14, 2015

New Jig Flies for 2016!

Now that good fishing days have been limited, I've been focusing on filling the fly bins with anticipation of a busy Spring! Here are some recently tied and tested jig models that have respectfully made their place on the Ebay Store. If you're a tier, please check out the store and my selection of premium hooks and beads.
Merry Christmas! & Happy New Year! ~ D2

Lime FlashBack Jig

The Lime FlashBack: A good Spring point or dropper fly that mimics green caddis or small yellow stoneflies!
Rainbow Warrior Jig

Rainbow Warrior Jig: An anytime trumped up version of a proven classic!

Black & Quill Pellet Jig

Black & Quill Pellet Jig: A slim, deep, fast - sinking searching fly with a red trigger that just works!

Prom Date Jig

Prom Date Jig: Isn't She Beautiful!

November Red