Wednesday, May 20, 2015

20 Reasons you might be a Fly Tyer...

Regards, D2

1. When you bypass an after-work beer with your colleagues to purchase Rafia at Michaels.
2. When your wife gets hot about a midge sized hook stuck in your infant's sock.
3. When you have to explain to your loved one that you were searching for "nymphs" not "nymphos" on the computer.
4. You take a second look at dead road-kill.
5. You look to your vise as a pedestal to your own eternal well-being.
6. You salvage the rubber elastic in your retired and crusty fruit-of-the-looms for the legs on your Stimulators.
7. A girl at Walgreens knows that you prefer Sally Hansens Hard as Nails.
8. You know who Al Troth and George Griffith are.
9. You've been caught several times on your lunch break staring at the fly section of the latest Cabela's fly fishing catalog.
10. You make your own coffee so you can spend a few bucks on dubbing down at the local shop.
11. If you live near a stream and have neighbors that are concerned about your butterfly net escapades.
12. You get excited when you see a fine saddle hackle.
13. Your vacuumm cleaner has been clogged more than once with UTC fine copper wire.
14. You secretly laugh at fly shop customers staring over bins of flies.
15. You have considered picking off that Starling outside with your Daisy Pump Action.
16. You have had a feather stuck between two fingers with Super Glue at least once.
17. You have more pictures of flies you have tied than your entire collection of family and friends photos.
18. Your fly tying desk has been showcased on the Animal Planet "Animal Horders" television series.
19. You look at chickens like you've never looked before.
20. You subscribe to the Friend of the Fly Blog.