Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Holo Hare Red Nymph Fly

Holo Hare Red Nymph Tied by Darren Dunbar

On a recent trout outing, I could not help but notice the unusually low stream depth conditions we are experiencing here in the Western U.S. The water was clear as gin, and my weighted nymphs seemed to spook the trout hanging in the deeper pockets. As I stumbled back home, on the slippery free stone, I pondered on another tactical method that would bring results. I recalled the French Nymphing technique used for shallow spooky waters and the slightly weighted flies used to lure in weary trout . And then...I came across the Holo Hare Red Nymph.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the Holo Hare Red is a product of U.K. professional fishing star Hywell Morgan? The fly appears to be an attractor styled hybrid hares ear fly with British inspired holographic cheeks. The original pattern calls for a mixture of natural hares ear dubbing and Lite Brite Pearl. However, I opted for a hares ear &Wapsi Rainbow Scud mix that seems to make the fly pop equally or better. Use this fly with a downstream / lining approach or as a top or mid fly on a tight line system. Regards ~ D2

Group of Holo Hare Red Nymphs

Holo Hare Red Nymph (FOTF Version)
Hook:  2x Nymph (sz. 12-16)
Thread: UTC 70 Denier Fire Orange
Tag: Red Medium Holo Tinsel
Thorax/Abdomen: Natural Hares Ear & Wapsi Rainbow Scud Dubbing
Ribbing: Silver Ultra Wire
Cheeks: Red Medium Holo Tinsel