Monday, December 29, 2014


Jig-A-Buggers' tied by Darren Dunbar
The Euro nymphing technique generally suggests slender - heavy tied hooks that sink fast, which makes absolute sense.  However, I felt like I had been missing out on some good fishing, using one of the all-time greatest and favorite fly's: The Woolly Bugger. Consequently, I devised the "Jig-A-Bugger", which is essentially a sleeker designed Woolly Bugger that incorporates some of the most productive features - a marabou tail. Additionally, I swapped the traditional chenille body for DMC Floss and limited the hackle to only the thorax region. The fly below is hackled with red organza ribbon that I salvaged from a recent X-Mas gift. Finally, the fly comes complete with a heavy tungsten bead and lively rubber legs. I like to use the Jig-A-Bugger as my point fly on a dead drift. The fly is quite dynamic, in that it allows you to fish as a streamer on the end of your drift. Happy Holidays ~ D2

Jig-A-Bugger with Red Organza Ribbon tied by Darren Dunbar

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Disco Spinner

Disco Spinner tied by Darren Dunbar
The Disco Spinner is inspired by the Disco Midge and the sipping trout I've sometimes passed, on my way to faster currents. Generally, a large percentage of spinner falls do occur in calmer currents. According to Rick Hafele,"the females of a number of Baetis species crawl underwater along the sides of rocks or aquatic plants to lay their eggs on the bottom rather than on the water's surface". Fooling the trout with a dead mayfly presentation usually requires some stealth casting and thin tippet.

Top View Disco Spinner

My favorite element of the Disco Spinner is the body, which consists of DMC floss and thin holographic mylar tinsel. I wrap the DMC over black fly tying thread to create some segmentation. In my opinion, the tinsel wrap creates some attractive illumination and emulates the almost transparent spinner mayfly body in it's natural form. Regards ~ D2

Disco Spinner tied on FOTF Super Point Barbless Hook

Disco Spinner

Hook: FOTF SPB-100
Thread: Black UTC 70 Denier
Tail: Micro Fibbets
Body: DMC Floss
Rib: Holographic Mylar Tinsel
Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing
Wing: White Poly, Krystal Flash