Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Ten Commandments of Fly Tying

 Here are The Ten Commandments of Fly Tying compiled and writ in stone by the fly tying prophet D2 of Friend of the Fly. May good tying be with you!

I. Thou shalt refrain from the belief that fly tying will save you money. Tyeth thy flies for the sake of good health and well-being.

II. Thou shalt not covet thy fishing partner's wife's Rooster, nor his wife's Hen nor her other features such as ginger hackles, luxurious beads, finger nail polish or other covetous objects of desire!

III. Thou shalt not crowd the front of the hook. Leave ye not less than 1/3 of the hook shank for the most heavenly head.

IV. Honor one's vice with proper hook placement so it may last long upon the desk space ye have created. Keepeth one's hook a distance equal to at least one hook wire diameter between the hook and the jaw edge.

V. Remember the stormy day, to keep it open for your flies, for they will be useful in days ahead. In it you shall labor the fruits of glorious flies for the likeness of thy trout. 

VI. Thou shalt let there be good lamp light for the health of thy eyes and the magnificence of thy flies.

VII. Thou shalt keepeth thy wine at arms length and solvents with their caps on at the time of thy labor, foreth to protect the holiness of
one's fly tying altar.

 VIII.Thou shalt keepeth proper tension on thy thread without breakage or loose adherance. Use thy weight of ye hanging bobbin for good measure.

IV. Thou shalt live by fine and sharp scissors, no less; and it shall come to pass when thou shall have dominion over thy flies.

X. Thou shalt not reveal to the world the Holy Grail. Mankind has sought the perfect fly that always catches fish. We know you have it so to reveal it would render the fly box to contain only one, thus ruining my day.

Note: Commandment X. borrowed from Geoff Halls Ten Commandments of Fly Fishing

Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's Time to Disco: Disco Midge that is...

Get Down with D2 and a Size 24 Black Disco Midge

Whether you're still caught in the disco era is merely irrelevant when it comes to the Disco Midge. Frankly, the only dancing that will result from the use of this fly is the dance of the elusive trout during the toughest of winter conditions. Unfortunately, I can't tell you who the originator of the fly is, but  the fly's advent can be easily traced to the San Juan River, a famous tailwater fishery in New Mexico. This attractor styled fly replicates midge larvae which, are typically quite abundant in tailwater. However, I've had great success on dam-less rivers too, especially during the winter when your hatches are limited.

Ah yeah... Gotta have the Midge Money Shot

The original Disco Midge pattern is rather simple and calls for a Flashabou or Krystal Flash body and a peacock herl thorax. Like I usually do, I decided to change things up with an addition of a glass bead head, small sized pearl mylar tinsel,  a Super Fine dubbed thorax, and some fine copper wire for ribbing and weight. I use different colored threads under the mylar tinsel to create alternative flashy color schemes. I also really like a petite glass bead head, which has a way of re-creating the gas bubble that aids in a midge's ascent to the water surface. Overall, this is a very easy fly. From my experience, the most difficult element of the process is getting the small bead on a minute sized hook. Regards ~ D2

Size 24 Red Disco Midge
Disco Midge (FOTF version)

Hook: 18 - 24 Curved Shank
Thread: UTC 70 Denier
Body: Small sized pearl Mylar Tinsel
Ribbing: Fine copper wire
Thorax: Super Fine Dubbing
Bead: Petite Glass Bead