Wednesday, August 13, 2014

October Caddis Pupa and the October Jig

Orange Caddis Pupa Photo from Lure Resort Web site

Ah yes! Fall fishing is almost here in the NorthWest! With fall comes the return of the large October or Orange Caddis, Dicosmoecus - a favorite hatch for many big dry fly fishermen. Traditional flies in large sizes like the orange Stimulator and the orange bodied Elk Hair caddis mimic the enormous adult flies just fine, but what about the less recognized pupa stage? Well, to be blunt, the October Caddis pupa stage and its importance in trout fishing success is controversial. This is mainly a consequence of studies that have revealed a pupal drift and emergence that generally takes place in less that worthy trout taking waters at less than ideal times (dark). For instance, author of Bug Water, Arlen Thomason, stated: "But in the rivers and streams where I've fished and observed the Dicosmoecus hatch, I'm forced to question the rationale for using flies that imitate the pupa stage".

October Jig by Darren Dunbar

I have to admit that there are only a handful of October Caddis pupa variations tied when compared with more notable caddis species. My favorite is the Brick Back Caddis by Skip Morris, which in my opinion does take fish consistently. However, I was missing a similar replication in a Euro Jig style, which would fulfill my contemporary fishing style. My solution is the October Jig. My favorite aspect of the jig is the UV Loon coated holographic tinsel that is ribbed with brown micro tubing. The jig is heavily weighted with wraps of lead and a tungsten bead. Regards ~ D2

October Jig by Darren Dunbar

October Jig Recipe

Hook: Jig (Sz. 6-8)
Thread: UTC Black 70 Denier
Body: Orange Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Brown Micro Tubing
Overbody Coating: Loon Outdoors UV
Collar / Schuck: Root Beer Cactus Chenille
Legs: Brown Hen
Wing Case: Natural CDC
Head: Black Micro Chenille
Bead: Black Tungsten

Monday, August 4, 2014

Introducing Friend of the Fly Hooks

Friend of the Fly Barbless Jig

I'm proud to introduce the Friend of the Fly line of fly tying hooks that will be available later in September. I spent a majority of the summer testing these hooks, and the results were impressive to say the least. If you're looking for a quality hook that meets or exceeds Tiemco quality at a lower price, I invite you to give the Friend of the Fly Hooks a try. The hooks will be available via my online store sometime in September. Here are just a few of the models I will offer...
Regards ~ D2

Friend of the Fly Super Sharp Point Barbless Nymph Fly Hook
Friend of the Fly Caddis - Grub Hook
Friend of the Fly Dry Fly Nymph Hook