Friday, July 25, 2014

Lady Di Attractor Pattern

Ladi Di Tied by Darren Dunbar

I discovered the Ladi Di through an article by Gary Lewis in the Bend Bulletin. Even though a good article, there's no mention of the fly's originator. Nevertheless, the pattern is quite similar to the Madam X, albeit tied traditionally in yellow. Gary's Ladi Di recipe calls for a fluorescent thorax, but I opted for fluorescent pink, which worked equally or better when it came to trout catching effectiveness.  I also changed the deer hair tail to elk hair, which is a little stiffer. The Ladi Di is universal, since it can be used to: hold a dropper; float solo on the dead drift; skate on the surface, or swing subsurface. Surprisingly, I even caught one on an unattended rod while dropping the boat anchor! Make sure to give your thorax a thorough coating of cement to protect the exposed thread from unwrapping. Regards ~ D2

Ladi Di Tied by Darren Dunbar

Ladi Di - Friend of the Fly Recipe

Hook: Dry Fly Hopper (Curved Shank) 3x
Thread: Black UTC 70 Denier
Tail: Natural Elk Hair
Body: Peacock Herl
Wing: Deer Hair
Legs: Black or Brown Round Rubber
Bullet Head: Folded Deer Hair
Thorax: Fluorescent Pink UTC 210 Denier

Thursday, July 10, 2014

PT Euro Jig Fly Tying Video

When tying Euro Jig flies, it's ideal in keeping the body slender for maximum depth penetration. I think many Euro Jig tiers initially adhere tailing, body and ribbing materials near the bend of the hook, which often ends in a bulky and unattractive fly. In this video, I demonstrate a method that will help you master a fine Euro Jig body. The method merely encompasses the initial material wraps from the bead to the hook bend. Regards D2

PT Euro Jig Tied by Darren Dunbar